Crackpot Idea: Lady Sylvanas Fordragon


Like most crackpot ideas, this one was hatched over a nice cold cocktail at the end of a long hot day: wouldn’t Azeroth be an even more beautiful and happy place if my two favorite heroes found love with each other? That was a thought that crept into my head last night, as the temperature inside our apartment pushed past 80 degrees.

They are both powerful leaders and snappy dressers. Both are at home amongst the undead.

Yeah, I know, it’s not much to go on. Perhaps I needed another cocktail. But it just seemed so right as I mulled it over last night.

Sure, I know it would be hard for them to get over their disparate faction allegiances. But think of what a great army they could bring together against Deathwing? Wouldn’t that be reason enough to join forces?

Ah well, a living dead girl can dream…

2 thoughts on “Crackpot Idea: Lady Sylvanas Fordragon”

  1. But when Fordragon is off fighting Deathwing with his True Love, who will sit on the Frozen Throne? I’m thinking Lady Sylvanas could submit Putricide. I mean, he’s dead already — he wouldn’t feel the cold. Right?

  2. Mwahahaha! He *does* need to pay his debt to Society, yes? And he lives close by after all…I am just not sure we can trust him to be the de facto man in charge…

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