Friday Five: Birthday Week Edition

Ah, birthday week! You were very good to me this year…

  1. My SO gave me the one thing I really really wanted for my birthday

  2. Blizzard gave my druid her very own fancy schmancy fishing pole.
  3. Cynwise, Ambermist and I had a druid dance party in the Eventide…
  4. …which inspired a battlechicken rap!
  5. And Anexxia got her very own Elwynn Lamb, bring her up to 100 vanity pets! Huzzah!

Not bad for what turned out to be a pretty hectic week, including a sick day in the middle of it.

And the Winner is…Me! Blazing Hippogryph Mount is All Mine

Priest on Blaxing Hippogryph TCG mount

That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you: that’s an undead priest on a hippogryph mount. Mwahahahaha!

You see, over the course of the past month, I’d been retweeting the @rawrcast contest twitter phrase, for a chance to win a Blazing Hippogryph mount code, courtesy of the peeps. (NOTE: I’ve been a subscriber to the Rawrcast podcast for a good while, and had been following them on twitter since I made my first serious effort to find all the folks whose blogs I read/podcasts I listened to and follow them.)

I certainly didn’t expect to win — after all I most commonly roll a 6 or a 7 whenever I want an item that drops in a raid. Lucky is *not* my middle name.

So it seriously made my week to get a DM that I’d won the mount from the June contest. For those of you not familiar with it, the mount is an exceptionally uncommon loot card from the WoW trading card game.

Shadow Priest on Blaxing Hippogryph TCG mount

Her feet are even still on fire in shadowform! How cool is that?

When I told my guildies of my extreme good luck, my GM asked me “So, wait, did you set a hippogryph on fire, Anexxia?” “! Of course not! It was on fire when I found it!” (likely story, yes?)

I don’t think I’ll be eligible to win their Blizzcon t-shirt slogan contest now, but that won’t stop me from sending them my ideas…I am torn between a 2-sider with “I remember you…” on the front and “…in the mountains” on the back, or, in the sassy spirit their podcast embodies, maybe a naughty defile reference, but I am honestly too tired at the moment to think of one witty enough.

Shadow Priest on Blaxing Hippogryph TCG mount

And yes, I milled around in Dalaran to show the guildies my new toy.

Thanks again Rawrcast — you’ve made this pet and mount collector very very happy.


I Think I Smell a Giant Rat

shadow priest with bone pole fished up a giant rat

Just moments after my mage got a strand crawler pet in her fishing rewards bag, my main finally got her sewer rat!

After tons of fishing across 7 fisherwomen, this is my first rat. To say that I thought I’d never fish one up is an understatement.

Does this mean I should spend a day going after the even more elusive Mister Pinchy?

Huzzah! Oracles Cough up Green Proto-Drake for the Shadow Priest!

shadow priest on protodrake

I’d forgotten to check my Oracles egg. I’ve been buying them for years now. I wasn’t expecting to see another proto-drake, figuring my druid had taken all that good luck already.

This was taken on the Purple Parlor’s balcony, looking out over Dalaran.

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New Toys for Me (not involving Ulduar)

This year's Christmas holiday was all about the in-game toys for me. I not only found a wide range of the holiday toys under the tree from Santa, I also found a few in my mailbox from friends. My favorite druid, Elvenia, sent my neglected Alliance druid a Gundrak Hatchling. My SO gave my shadow priest the adorable Teldrassil Sproutling, and my leveling partner gave me the white moth I'd somehow overlooked in my pet collection.

On Christmas Eve day, as I leveled the baby druid with her shaman buddy, we received an Orb of Deception from a chest. Although it was tempting to keep it for the druid, I sent it to my undead shadow priest, who had to try it out. See for yourself what happened:

And that wasn't all of the fun and frivolity either.I'd gotten my SO a box of the World of Warcraft Trading Card game cards, which meant an influx of new UDE points to spend. So while I was redeeming my Landro's Pet Chest code (I got some Papa Hummel's Pet Biscuits), I also finally cashed in my Sandbox Tiger and Path of Cenarius loot cards.

The sandbox tiger will be a fun toy to pull out the next time our raid group is attacked by a plague of DCs. I had to try it out for myself first though, of course:

I hope Father Winter gave you some fun over this long holiday weekend as well.