Shadow Power FTW!

I have to admit to loving the fact that my 25man raiding team is one that newcomers join and say "Wow, that's a lot of Shadow Priests", rather than being the token SP. I know a lot of folks would prefer to be a unique snowflake in their raid, and yes, in theory, it will make drops harder to come by, but I like being part of a subteam in a raid. I blame my 40-man raid and its class-specific Team Speak channels for making me this way.

Thanks to Mind Sear, we make very short work of the trash. 10k crits on that if your procs and the pull allow. Having come from raiding on my Boomkin, who only had great AOE for 30 seconds every 3 min when she could use starfall plus typhoon, it's a world of difference.

So far, the only scary part has been learning the MCs for the Razuvius fight. MC just hasn't been something I've played with a lot. I got the hang of it, and looked up the macros for the next go round so that I can announce what I am doing without having to type/think about it, and so there will be no debates about whether or not I used my bone shield ("It's on CD, so that's pretty clear that I popped it regardless of what you see, k?")

Last week the 25man team couldn't get together the right group for finishing off Thaddius, so they called it. I know it was a tough call for them, but if my choices for the evening are to wipe on Thaddius for an hour with undergeared/inexperienced folks or have the raid called and get to bed early, the former would not be my choice. Signups for Saturday look good though, so I am hopeful we will kick as much butt as we did the week before.

When thngs have gotten me down in the past, alliance side, I used to sometimes think to myself that maybe I should stopraiding. But upon further reflection, it was always clear that raiding is what I always have loved doing, since I dinged 58 3 years ago and got hauled into MC due to our raid being short on healers. The key is realizing whom you want to raid with. Happy to have found such a great group of folks — both in guild and in the scrub raid — with which to do so.

MS Paint Screenshots Save the Day!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of bringing my beloved shadow priest along to her first Naxx raid, as part of our guild’s first foray. I have to say it was some of the most fun raiding in which I have anticipated. There is a lot to be said for folks who are able to kick back and have fun even when doing content they have never seen before. Gives me added appreciation for what I already knew to be a super group of folks.

Our first Heigan kill was perhaps my most epic battle*. It was our second go at him, and we lost a few peeps to lag on the first dance, but lost everyone except our two tanks, our paladin healer and myself to the disease after the dance. (next time: dedicated cleanser!) He was at 2/3 health or therabouts. And where other raid leaders with a less stout heart might have growled at us to “wipe up!”, our fearless leader kept on, as did the other 3 of us.

We danced, danced, danced. 21 minutes into the fight, our raid leader said “Here’s our victory lap!”, as we went intodance mode with his health at 0%, DoTs ticking away. WHAM! 3 of us died. BAM! Shadow Word Pain killed him! Victorious, and at the 22 min mark, our last lady standing fell down and died as well.

It was not the most impressive kill shot, to be certain, but it sure was fun. And I am confident in my Safety Dance abilities in a way I never was before.

We also took down Loatheb that afternoon, but forgot to take a screenie in our excitement. Luckily, one of our raid members has a knack for the MS Paint, and thus I bring you our Loatheb fight (I’m the purpley shadow priest with the bob at the far right, grasping my wand for dear life…)

(MS Paint Screenie courtesy of Narcissus.)

* prior holder of that title was a heroic Sethekk Halls wherein my healy druid and a rogue took the boss from half health to dead, after having lost the rest of the team to their not running behind a pillar fast enough.

10 Things You Should Know About Raiding…That Your GM Shouldn’t Have to Tell You

1. Downing Sapphiron twice and Kel’Thuzad once does not equate to being ready for Malygos, it just means you have a key.

2. Only nubbies who did not raid before Wrath (or the last pre-Wrath patch) expect to come into a new raid and one-shot every boss.

3. The fact that there is an achievement listed for completing an activity in an instance means that it is possible, not that it is probable.

4. Only 10 people can attend a 10-man raid; if your guild has more than 10 80s, someone has to sit out. It’s called Mathematics. Don’t be that guy who throws a tantrum and gquits the first time you are asked to sit.

5. Lots of folks fall in love with their alts; that does not mean that as soon as they hit 80 they are your new main and can take your raid spot if they don’t fill the same role and have the same level of gear as your existing raid member.

6. Your raid members are not mind readers. If you change a strategy or positioning, the time to tell them is before the pull, not after the wipe.

7. Time is money, friend. If your raid starts at 7:00, with invites at 6:30, at 7:00 you should be inside, with repaired gear + consumables + reagents, on Vent/Team Speak, and ready for the first pull, not standing in Dalaran asking the warlock to summon you.

8. The best time and place for discussing your team’s loot rules is on your guild forums, prior to the start of a new instance. The best time and place to do this if you are looking for a raid kick is on Vent, mid-raid, after losing a roll.

9. You are not the sole cause for your raid’s success. It’s a team effort. Be humble and be appreciative of others’ contributions, or be prepared to be left out. Save the self-lauding for your blog.

10. Your guildies and teammates are playing in order to have fun. Period. It is not their job. They are not being paid by you or anyone else. They do not owe your alt runthroughs of instances. They do not owe you a raid spot. They do not owe you enchanting mats for your shiny new weapon. If they volunteer up any of these things, be grateful, and return the kindness however you can. It’s not just all about you.