Updated: Pilgrim’s Bounty Cooking

You may have noticed a flurry of cooking leveling within your guild recently. People who'd previously poo-poo'd cooking and fishing suddenly taking up both with a vengeance. It's likely that the upcoming Pilgrim's Bounty in-game event is the reason. Pilgrim's Bounty is held November 22- November 28 and features virtual takes on many of the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday's traditions.

The cooking quests, and the achievements requiring the fruits of your cooking labors, all involve specialty items only available from specific Pilgrim's Bounty vendors, located outside of the capital cities. Although they share some of the holiday goods, such as honey and spices, certain items are only available from a specific NPC:

  • Cranberries are from the vendors outside Ironforge and Orgrimmar.
  • Sweet Potatoes are from the vendors outside Darnassus and Thunder Bluff
  • Small Pumpkins are from the vendors outside Stormwind and Undercity.

Additionally, you'll need to hunt turkeys in Tirisfall Glades or Elwynn Forest to obtain Wild Turkeys. With the assistance of these vendors, you will be making five dishes:

Cooking all five recipes will earn you the achievement Now We're Cookin'. Your first stack of 20 of each of these foods will be used to complete the daily Pilgrim's Bounty Daily quests, resulting in the achievement Pilgrim's Progress.

Related achievements include Pilgrim's Paunch (Acquire the Spirit of Sharing from a complete Bountiful Table feast at every capital) and Sharing is Caring (Pass one of every dish at a Bountiful Table.) NOTE: if you eat five helpings of every food, you'll gain the Spirit of Sharing which lasts one hour and increases reputation gained by 10%.  Conveniently, tables come equipped with their own unlimited stacks of food, so you won't be stuck in the kitchen all day. These achievements are all part of the Pilgrim meta achievement which awards the title Pilgrim and a plump turkey vanity pet.

More achievement points are nice, and I'll definitely try to complete the achievement for the pet. But what I am most excited about is gaining five more recipes to add to my total.

I'll be updating this post with screenshots and more details once the holiday goes live this weekend.

For more cooking achievement details, see the Cooking Achievement guide.

Day of the Dead Festivities

shadow priest in Day of the Dead ensemble

I got up bright and early this morning, thanks to our falling back to standard time here in the U.S., and set about completing Day of the Dead festivities on my favorite characters across three servers.  Day of the Dead is a celebration of one’s deceased ancestors. For this reason, it’s imperative you head to the graveyard outside your race’s home city, or to Shatt. Otherwise, though you can obtain the achievement, you won’t be able to complete the quest for honoring your ancestors’ spirits. Apparently you can also complete these activities at Dalaran’s graveyard, but for the life of me, I have no idea where it is.

It was fun getting a festive 12-hour costume, and the adorable (yet, alas, not permanent) teeny macabre marionette pet, and dancing with the graveyard spirits. I am more than a little disappointed that the marionette is only available to you during Day of the Dead– he was set to become my undead shadow priest’s favorite pet ever. *sniffle*

A nice bonus was the 26g and change my 80s made from making the day of the Dead bread and fulfilling that quest (which is how you get the marionette.) The XP awarded to lowbies is pretty nice too — 3k to my level 31, 9k to my level 58, and 20k to my level 72 who completed it. Smart of Blizz to include this little push to get even the most bah humbug players amongst us into the holiday spirit.

For a look at all the things you can buy and links to the quests, check out the Moonglade blog’s Day of the Dead guide. More pictures of various races’ dancing spirits after the cut. And don’t tell anyone, but my favorite so far was the synchronized male NE dancers in Darn. It was epic.

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Hallow’s End Starts Today!

jack-o-lantern-heqded shadow priest in ghost costume levitating in Dalaran

Things got a little Spooky in the World of Warcraft in the wee hours of the morning today. It’s the start of the annual Hallow’s End celebrations, marking the break of the Foresaken from the Lich King.

The peeps at WoWHead put together a comprehensive guide to all the fun and merry making in store for those in pursuit of the Hallowed achievement.

I got off to a good start, including scoring a Sinister Squashling from the Horseman, 3-manned with my usual hit squad.  I was somewhat surprised I hadn’t done more of these achievements last year on the shadow priest, but then again, I was still raiding Alliance-side at that point, so I guess there wasn’t enough time to do everything. Unfortunately, RL calls so no additional time for trick-or-treating or achievement crawling today.

Fun fact: Dalaran has 3 candy buckets available to you: your faction Inn, Ledgermain Lounge and the Cantrips and Crows Inn at the Sewer.

More festive screenshots after the jump.

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Brewfest Incoming!

Hot on the Heels of our Pirate’s Day debauchery, we have the start of Brewfest on Sunday! That’s right — time to dig out your mole machines and get ready for beer and trekking to BRD.

The early word from the blues is many of the quests from years past are back (pink elekks???), and that a baby pink elekk pet has been added. And Coren Direbrew‘s loot table has been updated for a level 80 target audience.