A Time to Remember

This weekend, we celebrated the life of our Gnomeregan Forever guildmaster—and friend—Forbidra.

It was lovely to have so many players take time out of their day to share a few words about Forbs, or to simply join in the cheers of “Forbidra Forever!”

This show of support for Forbs—and for the gnomes—greatly touched me and my fellow guildmates.

In the crowd, I saw former members, Twitter friends, and Warcraft community leaders—especially the WRA guilds—all coming together to celebrate one gnome’s life’s work.

After the formal memorial, we marched in a procession to Ironforge, and set up shop in Tinkertown, sharing ale and stories.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out.

For more screenshots and remembrances, visit the #ForbidraForever Twitter moment.