I managed to avoid the Lich King cut scene on the Dalaran fountain.

I managed to avoid the comic contest spoiler.

I managed to avoid the original MMO Champion dialogue and cut scene post spoiler.

But in the excitement over the leaked Alpha screenshots MMO Champion posted today, I finally found out what I wanted to see for myself when we finally kill the Lich King.

And I am bummed out.

We got the Lich King to 32% last night. So we are very very close now.

We go back in to see him tonight.

But I won't be able to give my usual battle cry. because it's been spoiled for me. And it does bum me out a bit.

Over the next 5 months or 6 months, the Internet is going to be filled with spoilers galore. And again I will implore folks to think twice about what you post that other folks can not avoid. Consider keeping your spoilers to your blogs where you can provide a spoiler alert. Twitter, alas, doesn't give folks a real opportunity to skip over the spoilers. And I for one don't want to have to stop reading twitter. So please do think twice before posting spoilers there.

Thanks and safe travels.

And P.S. Asros I know you didn't mean to spoil it for me.

8 thoughts on “Bummer”

  1. I got spoiled in Darkshore general chat, back in the day. I was just typing /leave 1 when someone said it. 🙁
    However, it did make my read through from that perspective very interesting. Wouldn’t have had the same insights into Snape if I hadn’t known, maybe.

  2. Awww Nexi, I’m so sorry it got spoiled for you! That really is a bummer, you worked so hard to avoid it (and the guild worked hard on making sure no members said what happened/warning you of where spoilers were.) Why was the aftermath of the Lich King fight posted with screenshots from the Cata Alpha?

  3. People were posting screenshots of a graveyard in Stormwind and speculating on whose dead body the larger pavillion might hold. And references were made to my Alliance hero, and whether or not he could be there or if his body was back in ICC.
    And then there was a huge cascade of Cata and ICC spoilers on twitter.
    So, yeah, I don’t know exactly what happens. And Asros has said on twitter that I really don’t know anything about what actually happens and I am just assuming. But my heart sank reading peeps’ comments on the topic.
    I don’t think it is unreasonable for folks to not want to be spoiled. But it has generated a significant amount of conversation today, including many folks thinking that it’s unrealistic of peeps like me to want to remain unspoiled and see content for ourselves. that we should just get over it.
    I think we can be civil and play nice with each other — posting links out to blog posts with spoilers instead of posting untagged spoilers on twitter, etc.
    As it was I knew about a game mechanic at 10%, b/c someone mentioned it to me in passing (not a guildie or raid member)

  4. Hehe, yeah I remember Tox trying to dance around not mentioning what happens at 10%, while still making sure you didn’t do something you shouldn’t. I think I came up with a much easier way to say it, but then we found out you already knew. 😛

  5. /grin
    yeah that was funny. I had just found out abut the 10%=IWIN the previous week, when reading up on shadow priest tricks I think.

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