Brewfest Mission Accomplished!

Not only did the mage ding 76 tonight, she won the Brewfest Kodo in our 3-manned Coren Direbrew group tonight! Whoo-hoo!

P.S. those 2 kegs on either side should totally allow me to transport passengers. passengers who would get drunk while we traveled…


4 thoughts on “Brewfest Mission Accomplished!”

  1. Congratulations on the Kodo! Yay!
    I also just got mine yesterday. OMG lucky! Can’t help walking around Dalaran like spastic showing off my Kodo 😛

  2. Thanks and grats to you on yours as well! I am a sucker for the pets and the mounts. So excited to finally win this guy! (I saw two Kodos and a Ram drop last year and lost rolls on them all)

  3. Many congrats on the mount! I’m so happy for you. 🙂
    It dropped twice the first day Brewfest was out. Of course, my rolls were below ten. /sighs I really should push myself to do more of the Brewfest achievements but aside from going when guildies have been short on heals I really haven’t made an effort.
    I will try o get my Hunter in there before it’s over she’s so close to 79. I’ll see if some of the guildies I regularly group with will let me tag along.

  4. Thanks!
    You can summon at any point past 75 so we should definitely get your hunter in there! We brought in Mags’ 73 rogue for the achievement today without a fatality 😉
    P.S. has your connection stabilized yet? *hugs*

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