Baby Tauren Druid Hit Level 40

Despite the small amount of time I have to play her, my baby druid hit 40 today. It was a momentus ding thanks to it bringing me BOOMkin form and enabling the purchase of her epic Kodo!

Kids these days…grumble grumble…they don’t appreciate how hard we old timers had it…we used to get our SLOW MOUNT at 40! And the epic at 60! And we LIKED IT THAT WAY!

Oh hai, wait, no, it was a pain.

Special thanks to my lovely leveling partner, Candelie. Boomkin+ Elemental Shaman=win. We have consistently done orange quests throughout our leveling process, and only run into trouble in a bugged ruin in STV that had invisible mobs come out of the floor to murder us.

At this rate, we may be to Outlands before the 3.3 alt mana preservation changes hit.

8 thoughts on “Baby Tauren Druid Hit Level 40”

  1. Congrats on 40!
    Yep tackling orange quests is doable, even solo. It’s something I’ve done on all my toons. Occasionally I’m able to do some of the red quests too. I mainly solo when leveling so some have been a bit of a challenge but still doable, however with two people it’s cake.
    With my Ally toons and on Zul’Jin I’ve occasionally grouped up with a few buddies, quests flew by. I miss my buddies on those servers. I still go back to visit most likely will relocate my Druid to one of those servers. 🙂

  2. I am still working on getting my favorite alliance peeps to roll alts here or transfer over one of their many alts to the horde. So I know what you mean about missing folks. My Alliance server has changed so much. There really isn’t anything for me to do there with my characters, other than talk to some friends when the stars align and they are online when I log in.

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