Baby Druid is All Grown Up!

Yup, that’s my not-so-little lady. Moments after dinging 80 and putting on all her shiny new clothes that she had banked. Including the Jet’ze’s Bell that dropped several months ago for Guld in the Storm Peaks.

I spent a while getting her dual spec purchased, and gemming an enchanting everything, then hopped into the LFD finder, with my pocket priest healer. After a few successful runs where I did respectable DPS (nice to see druid AOE in the 5s can do so well), I even set my priest go, and did some on my own.

Later this week, I’ll need to dig through the interwebs to find a good Boomkin and Resto spec, and for some ideas on spell priorities. It has, after all, been over a year since I’ve had a max level druid to DPS with.

In other alt news, I cleaned up the mage’s teribad spec, and finally took her to CoS, netting her a Drake (I actually won a roll against another person. For serious!) Her DPS is much improved. Yeah!

And finally, took the shaman in to one of our alt ICC 10s. Was somewhat amused that we got the Saurfang speed kill achievement on our alts. Somewhat less amused to note that certain alts with a ton of ilvl 200/219 gear did higher DPS than better geared mains of the same spec have done in there. Cough.

Happy Monday, and Safe Travels!

4 thoughts on “Baby Druid is All Grown Up!”

  1. Thank you! I will totally be stealing your resto spec.
    I need to find a 5-man Boom spec, since the only raiding she’ll do is weekly raid quest.

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