Psynister: Blog search term of the day: “world of warcraft how does auto attack wok” Uh, you click it, you attack, done.

Orithea: I think they want to know how to auto attack and stir fry at the same time.

Psynister: Well, I can help them with the auto-attack part, but I don’t blog about stir fry. I probably should, but I don’t.

Anexxia: @psynister @orithea i can help with the stir fry portion of this. Let’s group up. ;p

Psynister: Sweet. For my part “click Auto-Attack and move to melee range. Now, over to Miss Nexxi.”


Anexxia: “Lightly oil wok and set to medium high heat. Once oil sizzles a drop of water sprinkled in it, add veggies + sauce.” Back to you.


Psynister: “Is the mob dead yet? If so, go find another and repeat step 1.


If not, make sure Auto-Attack is still activated and wait. Nexxi?”


Anexxia: “Toss the veggies until well coated with sauce. Cover with lid. Let steam for 5 minutes.” back to you.


Psynister: “Mob dead yet? If so, go find another and repeat step 1. If not, check for rez sickness. You are using a weapon, right?. Nex?”


Anexxia: “Add 2 Cups water to small pan, high heat. At rolling boil, add 2 Cups minute rice, stir, cover with lid. Turn off heat.” Psyn?


Psynister: “If the mob still isn’t dead you’ll soon find a very hot Wok flying towards your head. Oh, and repeat step 1. How’s it coming Nex?”


Anexxia: “It’s time to set the table. Grab a bowl, scoop up half the rice and some veggies. Bon Appetit!” *raises glass to Psynister*


Psynister: “Mob still not dead? Move to step 2 and place your brain in the wok and proceed from step 1 on Nexxi’s side. Food time. Cheers, Nex”


This is what happens on twitter early on a Friday morning. Thanks to @wowcynwise for suggesting we immortalize this epic silliness, and for @orithea for inspiring it. And of course, to @psynister for the truly awesome MS Paint drawings.

If you’re not already playing with the other WoW folks on twitter, let me say you are definitely missing out.

4 thoughts on “Auto-Att’Wok”

  1. There are lots of folks who knit and play WoW! I crochet while I play– usually while waiting for the rest of the raid to come back inside. πŸ™‚
    I tried to do some ceramics work while playing once, but that didn’t work quite as well. Too messy.

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