Anexxia the Explorer

shadow priest

Last week, I continued my exploration of Azeroth…this island was infested with ghostly paladins, but I made quick work of them.

shadow priest on motorcycle, Wetlands

This trek was primarily through Alliance lands, and I stopped to marvel at their many stone-wrought outposts in the midst of the murk.

shadow priest on motorcycle

Looking closely at this ruin, I could almost make out a beak and some beady little eyes, but it could be that the afternoon sun was playing tricks on me.

shadow priest on motorcycle in front of old Grim Batol

Hmmm, this Grim Batol fortress has a mighty impressive door. Alas, I lack any skill with the lockpicking, so I wasn’t able to get a peek inside. But judging by the numerous dragons guarding the path, I suspect that door is keeping us away from something very interesting indeed.

shadow priest in old Blasted Lands

After leaving the Dwarven settlement, I headed to the desert, and found myself drawn to these shiny marks on the ground. Who put them here? What were they meant for?

shadow priest in old Duskwood graveyard

I shook off the heat by traversing the cool expanse of Duskwood. This monument to a fallen hero caught my eye. I stayed by this waterfall for a while, contemplating the beauty I’d seen on my trek so far.

shadow priest on motorcycle

For example, I came upon this beautiful Elven glade, with another of those strange green portals. At least this one didn’t have any dragons guarding it.

shadow priest in an old Westfall hunting cabin

Out in Westfall, I found a cabin that would be perfect for hunting season. Pre-decorated even. Alas, I suppose the woman working in the fields would not be enthusiastic about sharing her home with a Forsaken.

shadow priest on motorcycle

Onward…to see where all this molten lava is coming from…

shadow priest contemplating cultist statues

We have some of these hooded statues on one of our skyscrapers downtown. They must have had the same architect…This looks like the type of place where they serve uninvited guests like myself for lunch.

shadow priest on motorcycle

After hightailing it out of there I took a shortcut through Blackrock Mountain. Mmmmm tharr be dragons in there (points to the terrace.)

shadow priest on motorcycle

This shortcut didn’t turn out so well. It appears I never did bother to get the key to this gate. Ah well. The long way ’round it is!

shadow priest considering a new career in smelting

I do wonder what that dwarf is smelting?

shadow priest plotting her revenge

My journey came to an end at the Valley of the Kings. Weary from the ram-mounted dwarves chasing me hither and yon, I took this as a good place to hearth and call it a night, and filed away Explorer amongst my honorary titles.

Azeroth, it was lovely to revisit you. Stay beautiful.

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