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About this Blog

You can blame the WoW Ladies Live Journal community for the creation of this blog. I’d been a long-time LJ member and found that community pretty soon after I started playing World of Warcraft in January 2005. I quickly became a frequenter commenter and occasional poster, and specifically got hooked on creating surveys and polls around holidays and in-game special events.

I’d long been someone with a binder full of WoW notes. I’d plan my post-patch talent builds, create my gear wish lists, and track my rare crafting recipes manually — be it on loose slips of paper and sticky notes or in epic posts on my guild forums.

Eventually, I decided I’d like to find a better home for all those loose slips of paper, and focus my previously scattered blogging energies on WoW, and thus Bible of Dreams was born in October 2008.

It is important to note that although my primary character throughout this blogging adventure has been my undead shadow priest, this is not, in the strictest terms, a shadow priest blog. You’ll see posts about all of my characters here, and about professions, guild leading, and myriad other WoW topics. And screenshots. Many, many screenshots.

About my Primary Characters


Psychocandy, Night Elf druid.
My first character in WoW. Raided as a healer with a hybrid build of my own devising, and kicked butt doing so right up until her transformation, with patch 3.0, to Boomkin. Raided in vanilla midway through AQ; in BC midway through Black Temple; and in WotLK after a post-Naxx hiatus, came back and cleared through ToC and attained Kingslayer after completing ICC.


Anexxia, Forsaken shadow priest.
My first horde character, always shadow, never dabbled in healing despite that unused dual spec. Nexxi primarily laid dormant up until the end of Burning Crusade, at which point I server transferred her to play with some folks I’d met through WoW Ladies. Over these past two years, she cleared through all raiding content in WotLK as it was current, and became an officer in the server’s oldest still-active horde guild. You can blame her officership for all the guild leadership posts you see here.

About Commenting

Thanks to the proliferation of SPAM, all comments on this blog are now screened. Prior to publication, I read all comments and make sure any links are not pointing folks to SPAM or keylogger websites. I also make sure you’re not violating standards of civility or the DBAD rule. If you want to make catty remarks or be insulting, start your own blog! That doesn’t mean I don’t publish comments from folks who disagree with me — I do that all the time. But the key is making courteous, well-informed comments.

Contact Me

The quickest way to get in touch with me is by dropping me a note on twitter. I’m @anexxia on there. You can also leave me a personal note in a comment. Since all comments are screened by default it won’t be shared with the world until and unless I hit publish on it.

If you wish to republish screenshots or any other material on this site please note the contents of this website are all protected under copyright so please contact me on twitter to ask for permission. Thanks!


After six years of playing World of Warcraft, it’s not surprising that I am looking to branch out into more MMORPG playing, specifically, Star Wars: the Old Republic. To that end, I’ve created another blog, Inquisitor’s Roadhouse, that is focused exclusively on SWTOR. As I noted in a post on this blog, it just didn’t feel right to mix the two worlds together.