My WoW Classic Druid Hybrid Healing Build

Druid Talents

I’ve got a secret to let you in on: Just because you *can* go all the way through to the bottom of Classic talent trees for any given spec doesn’t mean you *should*!

Over the years, talents and builds have become increasingly simplified. But during Vanilla, players regularly customized their builds based on how they planned to spend their time, with a goal of not having to pay their hard-earned gold to respec constantly.

That’s why even though I raid healed, my druid never put more than 31 points in her restoration build.  Never. Ever. Yet I was pretty much always at the top of the druid healing charts, and never ran out of mana. And I was a menace in PvP too. And that was all thanks to the way I spent my talent points.

Find and Enhance Your Classic Play Style

While there are some healers who loved the challenge of keeping their tanks alive, I wanted to keep *everyone* alive. That meant I needed a quickly replenished mana pool, and to downrank and heavily rely upon my HoTs. And that’s where the Balance talent tree came in.

In addition to buffing druid pew pew pew lazers, the Balance talent tree also provides crits for your healing spells and buffs your mana regen. Because all that moonfire spam comes at a high mana price.

My preferred talent build for early on in Vanilla was a variation on the “Moonglow” build. As my gear improves, I’ll shift things around and put more points into buffing my regrowth in the restoration tree. But at absolutely no time will you ever see me filling out one of the talent trees all the way down.

While it may take you some time to get into the groove with your Classic build, I encourage you to spend some time theorycrafting and trying out different talent builds until you find one that helps you get into the zone with how *you* want to play your class.


How to Find a Guild for WoW Classic


Now that we are in the home stretch for the Classic WoW launch, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to do in-game, and to find a guild that will be the right fit in which to do whatever that is.

That’s where I found myself a few weeks ago, when Blizzard announced the timing for the Classic WoW name reservations. Because if you only have three names you can reserve, well, you need to know *where* you’d like to reserve them.

In expansions past, when I’ve looked for a new guild, I’ve always started my search through my @Anexxia Twitter account. I tried that for Classic but didn’t find what I was looking for. I’m sure many others are in that same boat, so here is how I found my Classic guild.


You can play Alliance-side with me on Pagle by joining up with the Grievance Gaming guild. Read the call for members on the Battlenet forums, then submit your application on the Grievance Forums, and note that I sent you. And don’t forget to let me know you submitted your app!)

What’s Your Ideal Classic Guild?

In Vanilla WoW, I was in a raiding guild that was the 3rd progressed Alliance-side on our server. And it was a huge time sink. I know that raiding is still a priority, but I can’t commit to the same perfect attendance record. That’s why I went looking for a casual raiding guild.

To figure out the right guild for your Classic adventures, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much time do I have to play Classic WoW each week?
    • Do you have a big blog of time one day per week? A few hours each day?
  • What kinds of activities do you most enjoy in-game?
    • Do you like World PvP? RP? Raiding? Dungeons? Crafting?
  • What will your most likely play days and times be?
    • Does a Pacific or Eastern server and its typical playtimes work best for your availability?
  • What is the class and role you want to play?
    • And make sure it’s actually a thing. For instance, I’d blocked out that my first shadow priest wasn’t actually a gnome…because that was not possible!

Finding a WoW Classic Guild With the Right Fit

I’ve written many times in these pages about the importance of finding a guild that’s the right fit. In Classic, like Vanilla, you’re going to be spending a lot of time playing with people on your server—rather than Group Finder’ing it up with randoms from other servers. This makes finding a server with a good server population and community equally important to finding a guild you love.

Here are the Americas and Oceanic realm names and types:

PVE Servers

Name Type Time Zone
Atiesh Normal Pacific
Mankrik Normal Eastern
Myzrael Normal Pacific
Pagle Normal Eastern


Name Type Time Zone
Faerlina PvP Eastern
Fairbanks PvP Pacific
Herod PvP Eastern
Stalagg PvP Eastern
Thalnos PvP Eastern
Whitemane PvP Pacific


Name Type Time Zone
Bloodsail Buccaneers RP Eastern
Grobbulus RP-PvP Pacific

Oceanic realms will be:

Name Type Time Zone
Arugal PvP Australian Eastern Time
Remulos Normal Australian Eastern Time

For EU realms, see this post on the forums.

New Ways to Build WoW Classic Community

In Vanilla, we had server-specific WoW forums. Today, we have Discord servers and WoW Classic realm subreddits to unite the Classic server communities. Here are the ones I’ve come across:

(A HUGE thank you to folks behind Classic Discord for making it easier to share Discord realm links. B/C I would not want to be updating the above list with expiring Discord invite links every few weeks!)

I highly recommend joining the realm subreddit and Discord to get a feel for who is playing on the server. If the conversation feels like a good fit, then check out the recruitment posts to see which guilds are a match for what you want to accomplish in game, and when you will be looking to play.

How to Make Your Classic WoW Guild App Shine

It’s likely that whatever guild you are applying to for Classic WoW will have their standard application that will be asking who you are, what you want to do in WoW Classic, when you are available to play, and what your gaming history is.

Some applicants shoot for getting through the app as quickly as possible. While you can still get an invite with a brief and to the point application, I always look at a guild app as a way to find your niche within the guild. Share a little bit of color about who you are IRL and what you consider to be some of the best times to be had in-game. give the guild members reading your app a reason to smile, laugh, or reply to your app!

Shameless Plug for Joining Grievance for WoW Classic

If you’re looking for a casual Alliance raiding guild for Classic, I encourage you to consider joining Grievance Gaming’s Classic guild on Pagel. Grievance is a family-oriented online gaming community with a very rich and honorable heritage that spans numerous online games over the past 19 years, during which Grievance has proven that one can have a very rewarding gaming experience, yet have a life as well. The concepts of family, honor, and loyalty are hallmarks of Grievance and are expected to be upheld and respected by all members. Read our official recruitment post on the WoW forums, then head on over to the Grievance Forums and submit your app, especially if you are a healer who wants to raid in Classic.

See you in (Classic) Azeroth!

P.S. If you’re a gnome and playing WoW retail, check out Gnomeregan Forever—it’s a guild that’s just your size!

A Time to Remember

This weekend, we celebrated the life of our Gnomeregan Forever guildmaster—and friend—Forbidra.

It was lovely to have so many players take time out of their day to share a few words about Forbs, or to simply join in the cheers of “Forbidra Forever!”

This show of support for Forbs—and for the gnomes—greatly touched me and my fellow guildmates.

In the crowd, I saw former members, Twitter friends, and Warcraft community leaders—especially the WRA guilds—all coming together to celebrate one gnome’s life’s work.

After the formal memorial, we marched in a procession to Ironforge, and set up shop in Tinkertown, sharing ale and stories.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out.

For more screenshots and remembrances, visit the #ForbidraForever Twitter moment.

Sometimes it’s the Small Things

Fishing chair! At last!

Why no that WASN’T a gnome pun, thank-you-very-much.

It’s just stopping to smell the flowers.

Or in this case, to sit in my newly obtained fishing chair.

My sweetie got the loot card for me for my birthday, but there was some sort of a redemption bug that took a very long time to sort out.

But after checking every few weeks, my mage was finally victorious and took the chair for a test-sit, as it were.

The verdict: this is the only way to fish.

What small things in game have made you smile this week?

What to Wear: The Shadow Priest’s Guide to The Emerald Nightmare

It’s been a very long while since I’ve put together a gear guide, but this seemed like a good time since my gnomies are about to start raiding.

Know Your Priorities

First things first, get to know your stat priority:

  • Haste
  • Critical Strike
  • Mastery
  • Intellect
  • Versatility

Note: If you take the Legacy of the Void or Mind Spike talents, you’ll swap #1 and #2 with each other, per Icy Veins.

Note that Noxxic has a different shadow priest stat priority (Intellect > Haste > Crit > Versatility > Mastery). I suggest you see what works best with your play style and gearing.

Gem Appropriately

Maximize Your Enchants

Shadow Priest Gear Priorities for The Emerald Nightmare

I’ve linked to the Wowhead page for the LFR version of each item; from there you can select your mode of choice to review the different stats. If you’re not sure which piece of gear to use, as you juggle ilevels and stats, consider using an addon such as Pawn to help you more easily determine which piece of gear is your best choice.














Legion Thoughts

Usually, silence on the blog means that I’m feeling disengaged with the game. But this time around it’s been quite the opposite.
As a very active participant in the Legion Alpha and Beta testing, I found myself completely caught up in the game for the first half of this year. In addition to trying out all the caster classes I usually play, I also leveled my Forsaken shadow priest to 110 and focused on leveling her tailoring, cooking, and fishing to max level.
Yes, that’s right…I leveled all those professions on a character who wasn’t going to be playable after the launch of the game…because I was having so much fun!
The reason we play this game, right?
Which brings me to the other reason I’ve been quiet. I’ve been spending my live gaming time playing with a new guild. That’s right, I leveled several new gnomes after joining Gnomeregan Forever, an all-gnome guild on Wyrmrest Accord.
I’ve been trading tweets with the guild’s leader @gnomeregan4ever for several years now. And with the advent of gnome hunters with this expansion, it felt like to right time to go all-in on gnomification.
Although I’ve certainly internalized stories for my characters (and occasionally shared them here), this is my first time playing on an RP realm. And I have to say—I LOVE IT!
I’ve RP’d with a fellow fisherman on the Stormwind docks, who cheerfully shared his fishing tips (and Rumsey Rum) with me. I bantered with other bank alts on the difficulty of finding just the right outfit to project that serious but mischievous shopkeeper look.
And every day, as I am out and about in the world, I marvel at the seriously awesome outfits I see everyone wearing. In addition to the tier sets of years gone by, I’m so impressed by the very individualistic looks that the Wyrmrestians have put together. So you can definitely expect to see some fashion posts from me.
Suffice it to say this new server feels like home already. And we’re just getting started.
I promise you’ll be seeing a lot more from me on these pages soon. There’s just so much going on in-game right now that’s making me excited to log in every day. Here’s hoping it stays that way!

Initial thoughts on the Warcraft Legion alpha


Why hello there. And yes, that IS a gnome hunter you see before you. A slightly confused survival hunter, mind you, but a gnome hunter all the same. And her trusty mechanical pet, Sparky.

Creating this gnome hunter was my first activity upon installing the Legion alpha. I thought it would be a good way to warm up before jumping into the expansion, given how many hunter alts I’ve levelled as of late. But it was actually a pretty strange experience due to survival being the only spec available to you. And survival being all about being a melee hunter.

Now, melee hunter is not an altogether new concept for me. I do recall being in Scholomance in vanilla WoW and having a melee hunter, who kept dying, as part of the dungeon group we’d assembled. But I honestly hadn’t given it another thought until we’d heard about the spec overhaul at Blizzcon this year. Luckily, my experience with the all new melee hunter spec did not involve lots of dying. The hatchet throw works well for pulling a mob away from an area that a patrol might walk too close to, and the harpoon shot is an efficient way to get you to melee range of your target. Right now, however, the leveling experience is a bit off. At level three you get a quest reward gun that you can’t use at all. In fact, you are using auto shot and your pet to slowly kill your mobs, thanks to your bare action bars. After a few levels of this minimalism, I was ready to check out the shadow priesting.

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One Shadow Priest’s Thoughts on Legion

Anexxia, shadow priest in residence at Bible of Dreams, not in shadow form for once.

I can’t speak for any other shadow priests, but as I watched the Warcraft Legion systems panel, I started to get nervous when I saw shadow priests as the third bullet on the Immersion slide. I’m already quite immersed with playing my shadow priests, thank you very much! And I haven’t forgotten just how recently Blizzard wanted to “improve” our gameplay by taking away our Devouring Plague, a spell that many Forsaken shadow priests such as myself consider to be a cornerstone of our repertoire and story.

That said, I kept an open mind as we heard their initial comments on the class changes for Legion:

  • Shadow priests in Legion will no longer be the “poor cousin of the affliction warlock”.
  • We gain our powers by tapping into the power of the void.
  • The void is controlled by the old gods, and we all know that spending too much time with the Old Gods drives one to insanity
  • Thus, the new resource for shadow priests= insanity. No more mana or shadow orbs.
  • As your insanity increases, your shadow form gets darker. You grow tentacles out of your body. And you ultimately end up in void form.
  • “Ultimate but fleeting power” because no one can harness insanity forever.

All of the above sounds interesting in theory, right up until I sprout tentacles and end up in a void form. That’s where I start to worry. Worry that this will feel like I’m watching the terrible Blade 1 CGI animations come to life. Only happening to my beloved shadow priest. And then there’s the maturity level of my fellow players. I still remember the incredibly crass and insensitive Big Wigs raid warnings that went out in AQ that some teenage boy somewhere thought was amusing. Am I going to get that every time I tentacle out in an LFR? Blech.

Today, Blizzard released more information on the priest class changes, including a narrative around our new insanity affinity. Here’s their intro to our class story:

The Light in which many priests bathe is brilliant and effervescent, granting them immense divine power. But the brightest light casts the darkest shadow—and from within this blackness, a rival power dwells. Shadow priests fully embrace this opposing polarity, their faith equally resolute as their holy counterparts—but focused on shadowy magics and mental manipulation. Like all priests, they dedicate much of their lives to worship—but they derive their power from the Void, straying dangerously close to the domain of the Old Gods. To truly understand such ancient, corruptive influence is to be driven mad. This is the state in which these dark priests thrive, embracing insanity and feeding off of the minds of their opponents to reach terrifying new limits.

The blog post goes on to discuss how our key talents will generate insanity, with one notable spell missing from the line-up: Devouring Plague. Was this an oversight? Or is this another run at removing it from our spellbook? Only time will tell. Another interesting decision is removing our healing spells, which makes sense, and giving us a dark mending (which sounds a lot like how we used to be able to use our Cascade to heal), and keeping our Power Word: Shield. But despite the emphasis on making each spec unique, they’re also giving Discipline Prests the Dark Mending too. I should also note we’ll now have a significant, powerful cooldown: oblivion. Every 2 minutes we can trigger it to gain 100 insanity.

I’m hoping to get my hands on a BETA invite so I can do some significant poking around with the shadow priest changes and provide feedback. I think the vision Blizzard has presented sounds like it has some great potential. But I’m also concerned it may not really work for me. And as someone who has had a shadow priest main since the end of Burning Crusade, that’s a real concern. For now, I’m cautiously optimistic. Stay tuned.


Blizzcon 2015 Live Blogging by Anexxia at Bible of Dreams


That’s right, another year, another blizzcon. I’m at home watching via livestream and keeping up with all the twitter #Blizzcon chatter. Be sure to follow along at home!

Hashtags to watch

Accounts to follow

Highlights of what we’ve learned so far…


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